California Prop 65 Exempt

Prop 65 Compliant

Vital Earth's vegetal biomass minerals are non-toxic according to Proposition 65 standards for "naturally occurring" substances.   If you're not exactly sure what CA Proposition 65 is, Here's a good information page.

Vital Earth Minerals is exempt from any requirement of posting warning labels under CA Prop 65. 

Vital Earth's Vegetal Bio-Mass Minerals

Fulvic / Humic is scientifically classified as "Vegetal bio-mass minerals" and does not contain heavy metals. Our minerals are "naturally occurring", originating from ionic Humate.  Since every single mineral within fulvic/humic comes from plants, the body readily recognizes them and immediately assimilates them; the same as it would assimilate the various minerals found in broccoli, lettuce, or fruit, for example.

Plant derived minerals, such as ours, are fully utilized by the body, not rejected and then stored in fatty tissue as a toxin the way an elemental metallic mineral would. This is why you never hear about people getting mineral toxicity from fruits and vegetables, even though they all contain a wide variety of minerals that are erroneously thought to be dangerous.

Why the "form" of a mineral is so important

  • All minerals come in two forms, organic and inorganic

  • Fulvic / Humic is NOT a heavy metal

There is a drastic difference in metallic inorganic minerals versus plant-based ionic organic minerals. Understanding the difference in mineral "forms" is one of the most difficult things to explain because people have been so conditioned to believe that certain minerals are bad, no matter what the circumstance. Many newsletters and reports do not distinguish between the "form" of the mineral. Minerals in the wrong form can be highly toxic, and minerals in an organic form are highly beneficial.

The problem with exposure to the "bad" forms of minerals (metallic elemental minerals) is that the body doesn't recognize them as food, and normal assimilation cannot happen. Your body can only absorb up to 10% of the wrong form (inorganic) minerals.  The body then rejects what it cannot assimilate and stores this "mystery" substance in the tissues and organs, where it builds up and becomes toxic to the system.   

Exposure to toxic elemental minerals is possible from a variety of unsuspecting sources; contaminated ground water, pollution, industrial activity, paint, etc. It is not uncommon to have whole communities of people with abnormally high mercury levels when there is a coal powered electric plant in their town, for example.

Organic minerals trigger essential biological reactions

Organic minerals set in motion a variety of chemical reactions which allow vitamins and other essential nutrients to fuel our bodies. Without the proper form of mineral, these reactions are unable to take place, making it unlikely your body will absorb and use the vitamins it needs.

Minerals we erroneously think of as highly toxic are actually very beneficial and necessary when they are consumed in their organic form (meaning you are getting that mineral from a plant source).   Organic minerals serve to facilitate many bio-reactions in the body that are only possible when these plant based minerals are present.

Every single organic, plant derived mineral serves some sort of beneficial purpose, and that's why nature provides them from plants. A balance of ALL the minerals as they are presented from a naturally occurring plant source is very beneficial to the body. Organic minerals enable chemical reactions in the body, and trigger many beneficial processes. So, you can see that whether or not a mineral is toxic is totally dependent on the form it is in.