Mineral Concentrates

  • Energy and Focus Concentrate-4oz

    Energy and Focus Concentrate-4oz

      Boost, replenish and restore energy and focus naturally! 4 oz. Liquid - 40 Day Supply A clean energy solutionNo crashing, no jitters! Energy & Focus is a cellular powerhouse making it highly effective for supporting vibrant natural energy...

  • Sleep 4oz

    Sleep 4oz

    Sound restful sleep...naturally! 4 oz. Liquid - 40 Day Supply Wake feeling refreshed and restored100% whole food plant based ionic humic concentrate Calms the body and mind, eases tension* Fall asleep gently and stay asleep* No morning groggyness -...

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  • Super Strength Humic Concentrate-2oz

    Super Strength Humic Concentrate-2oz

      Concentrated humic minerals for cellular strength and electrochemical balance 2 oz. Liquid - 20 Day Supply Therapeutic Strength / rich dark color (Tastes like herbal tea when the dosage is diluted in water) High potency humic minerals from an...

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  • Fulvic Concentrate-2oz.

    Fulvic Concentrate-2oz.

      Maintains the body's metabolic and healing functions, supports normal energy and focus 2 oz. Liquid - 20 Day Supply 100% Fulvic in solution - and nothing else! Alkaline pH of between 7.0 and 7.8 Clear golden color; tasteless Approx...