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  • Fulvic Mineral Mist

    Fulvic Mineral Mist

    Replenishes and rejuvenates skin's youthful radiance Rejuvenating dermal boost designed to renew and restore skin and hair Locks in moisture to support skin firmness, tone, elasticity Living Fulvic Minerals remain active for deep penetration into skin...

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  • Energy and Focus Concentrate

    Energy and Focus Concentrate

    Boost, replenish and restore energy and focus naturally! 4 oz. Liquid - 40 Day Supply A clean energy solutionNo crashing, no jitters! Energy & Focus is a cellular powerhouse making it highly effective for supporting vibrant natural energy levels...

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  • Sleep


    Sound restful sleep...naturally! 4 oz. Liquid - 40 Day Supply Wake feeling refreshed and restored100% whole food plant based ionic humic concentrate Calms the body and mind, eases tension* Fall asleep gently and stay asleep* No morning groggyness -...

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  • Super Strength Humic Concentrate

    Super Strength Humic Concentrate

      Concentrated humic minerals for cellular strength and electrochemical balance 2 oz. Liquid - 20 Day Supply Therapeutic Strength / rich dark color (Tastes like herbal tea when the dosage is diluted in water) High potency humic minerals from an...

  • Fulvic Concentrate

    Fulvic Concentrate

      Maintains the body's metabolic and healing functions, supports normal energy and focus 2 oz. Liquid - 20 Day Supply 100% Fulvic in solution - and nothing else! Alkaline pH of between 7.0 and 7.8 Clear golden color; tasteless Approx...

  • Pet Fulvic

    Pet Fulvic

    Pets are exposed to toxins and have mineral deficiencies just like humans! Fulvic is one of the most powerful, natural supplements for maintaining your pet's metabolic and healing functions Safeguard healthy immune function* Powerful natural removal of...

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