California Prop 65 Labeling Info

Prop 65 Compliant

Although Vital Earth's vegetal biomass minerals are non-toxic according to Proposition 65 standards for "naturally occurring" substances, we have opted to label all our minerals products according to the requirements for selling products into the State of California.  Many manufacturers of 100% natural products have been forced to put California Prop 65 warning disclaimers on their products simply to avoid what is known as legal trolling.   Please read on for more information…

What is California Proposition 65? (CA Prop 65)

In 1986 California passed legislation intended to protect the State’s drinking water from chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm.  This legislation came about as a reaction to the massive contamination of ground water originating from a series of oil spills and leaks of potentially toxic chemicals used in manufacturing processes.  A list of toxins was compiled and additionally the state required companies to post warnings on any products where consumers could “knowingly and intentionally” be exposed to any of the listed chemicals.  

But what started out as a way to protect the citizens of California and hold big business accountable, has warped into something else entirely.  Now 30 + years later, unscrupulous law firms are manipulating this protective act and claiming violations of Prop 65 warning labeling on products that have “naturally occurring” ingredients.  

These lawyers troll for any natural product sold into California that does not contain a warning label, and then initiate legal action, citing the lack of CA Prop 65 labeling.   If targeted by one of these legal sharks, manufacturers are forced to submit to expensive “settlements” to avoid the lengthy court battle required to defend their products.  

Natural products are exempt from CA Prop 65, but companies who opted to use this defense have incurred hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal expenses.  Rather than face a potential lawsuit, many manufacturers have resolved to simply put the CA Prop 65 Warning Disclaimer on their products as a way of protecting against this unethical practice.   For this reason, as a deterrent, we have chosen to CA Prop 65 label all our mineral products.  Vital Earth Minerals does NOT have any lead violations and has NEVER paid a settlement fee to anyone.  

Unfortunately for consumers, whether or not a product has any actual danger is almost impossible to discern at this point - because so many products are now labelled with the CA Prop 65 disclaimer.  Our minerals are completely safe; read on to understand why…

Vital Earth's Vegetal Bio-Mass Minerals  

Fulvic / Humic is scientifically classified as "Vegetal bio-mass minerals" and does not contain heavy metals. Our minerals are "naturally occurring", originating from ionic Humate, and are in trace amounts.  Since every single mineral within fulvic/humic comes from plants, the body readily recognizes them and immediately assimilates them; the same as it would assimilate the various minerals found in broccoli, lettuce, or fruit, for example.

Plant derived minerals, such as ours, are fully utilized by the body, not rejected and then stored in fatty tissue as a toxin the way an elemental metallic mineral would.  This is why you never hear about people getting mineral toxicity from fruits and vegetables, even though they all contain a wide variety of minerals that are erroneously thought to be dangerous.

Where does our source material come from?

The source of Vital Earth Minerals’ Humate is found in the high desert mountains of northern New Mexico in the San Juan Basin.  This humate/lignite is an ancient vein of decomposed fresh-water plant matter (not clay, or saltwater), called vegetal bio-mass Humate.   It contains over 70-plus minerals that were naturally complexed into the Humate structure, as the plants decomposed, through the natural process of bio-synthesis, or Humification.   

These humic minerals are ionic in "form," meaning they are the same mineral form present in an organic apple or broccoli, for example, grown in fulvic-rich soil.   They are NOT heavy metals, though the names of ionic, plant-derived minerals and the heavy metal, metallic form of mineral go by the same name. Because they are plant-derived, our minerals will not build up in tissues; the body will use what it needs, and the rest will be flushed from the system.  

All our minerals are produced using a gentle, meticulous extraction process that utilizes nothing but cool, purified water.  There are NO flavorings, sweeteners, preservatives, chemicals, MSG or anything else artificial.  Vital Earth’s mineral products have the mineral content of the original plant matter Humate, exactly as it was presented by nature.

Our source material and facility certifications

Our source material (humate) is OMRI certified (meaning it is cleared for use on organic farms). To receive OMRI certification, the source must undergo heavy metal testing. Our humic source is also certified "free of heavy metals" in Canada (they have much stricter testing standards).  

Vital Earth’s manufacturing facility is cGMP certified and adheres to all FDA regulations.  We participate in annual 3rd party FDA mock inspections to ensure that our quality assurance, production processes, and manufacturing facility conduct all operations in strict compliance with the law.

Brand Loyalty

We have built our brand loyalty by creating extremely natural products.  Vital Earth Minerals has been a leader in humic and fulvic plant-based minerals for over twenty years, and our customers rely on our products to help them fuel their body’s natural healing systems, support their immune systems, support a healthy cellular structure, and assist all the body’s natural processes for vibrant health.     

Humic has proven health benefits which have been used for centuries throughout the world by medical professionals for a myriad of conditions, diseases, and ailments.  We believe our products are the purest, least adulterated humic mineral supplements in the world.  

Thank you for your interest in our products, and please let us know if you have further questions.