Humic: Relief for gut health

Is your "Gut" misbehaving?

Humic has been shown to offer relief

goodgutbacteria.jpgWith over one million nerve cells in the human digestive tract, as well as neurotransmitters that affect everything from constipation, intestinal cramps, energy, brain function, moods, and immune system, the gut can use a little extra help these days…and that help is here in the form of Humic Minerals. 

Humic minerals bind in the gut to move food through the intestines, and pull out fecal blockage, spent pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food additives, chlorine, and other toxic matter. It is literally Mother Nature’s healthy roto-rooter.

The beauty of Humic is that all the while it is detoxifying and cleaning, it is performing healing tasks throughout the system. It is excellent for keeping immune response in check, and its polysaccharide content makes it a phenomenal pre-biotic by supporting good bacteria, enhancing enzyme production, boosting immune function, providing hormone support and giving strength to cell membranes.  Pre-biotics are what feed Pro-biotics.

For those suffering with gut issues, humic offers the chance to once again regain the vibrant energy, lightness of mood, and feeling of hope from their youth. And the best part is that it works on every “body” and offers ongoing relief.

So many solutions are available in the natural world around us, but consumers now have to worry how damaging manufacturing practices turn those benefits into dangers. Vital Earth Minerals has always maintained the strictest adherence to all natural processing, meaning no heat, no chemicals, no pressure extrusion, no pasteurization, or anything else that negatively alters the quality of the humic we deliver to our customers.

Humic has gone relatively unnoticed by the general public until now, but the immediate results it offers, as well as its long-term impact, is making it a much sought after substance. Humic is now available for gut relief at a time when we need it most.