Vital Earth Products are Top Sellers

Vital Earth's minerals are rated "Top Sellers" across the country

According to a leading supplement industry organization, New Hope Network, the mineral category grew faster than any other category of supplements last year.  Vital Earth's 24% growth, and Top Seller designation substantiates that. 

So what does that mean to you?    Vital Earth’s minerals work more effectively because we protect the living, active Fulvic/Humic during our gentle, non-damaging extraction process.  This results in a mild, delicate taste.

Customers are buying minerals in record numbers and they favor the Vital Earth brand for several reasons. Our minerals taste good and offer outstanding results because we don't use destructive acids in the extraction. Our clean processing produces a superior functioning and tasting product. The acid processing others use, kills the active electrical charge of the minerals, as well as Fulvic, leaving a vile aftertaste. We love our Fulvic so much that we use it as a base for every product we offer.

Within the mineral category, it is crucial to understand the importance of electrically charged Fulvic … and why we work so hard to protect it. We want to offer our customers minerals with the highest Fulvic content possible. It is also important to know that many other mineral products don't contain any Fulvic at all.

Fulvic is the transporter. It attaches to all the nutrients it comes in contact with, dissolves them into a form the cells can absorb and then transports them directly into the cells. Cells are then nourished, energized and healthy. Imagine if those high performance cells belong to an organ, muscle or the circulatory system. Top performing cells and organs means top health benefits.

Fulvic's performance doesn't stop there. Wherever it is in the body, it has the capacity to support normal detoxification.  It can also be a powerful aid in sustaining proper body pH, as well as balancing proper levels of oxygen in the blood.

Vital Earth's Fulvic/Humic Minerals are gently and slowly extracted from an ancient, fresh water Humic deposit made up of nutrient rich vegetables, herbs, nuts, berries and seeds. The combination of a fresh water deposit and our acid free extraction results in an alkaline pH product … that's why we don't use the word “acid” in connection with our Fulvic.

In summary:
Fulvic and Humic Minerals are an all-natural source of over 70 naturally occurring ionic minerals derived from bio-mass vegetal plant matter.  They support a healthy immune system and normal energy levels.  Fulvic/Humic supports natural functions, promotes healthy energy and stamina, aids the natural production of enzymes and supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself.  Vital Earth Minerals uses a gentle, proprietary extraction process that assures 100% of the precious fulvic is retained and undamaged.  Vital Earth’s Fulvic tastes almost like nothing at all, so sweeteners or flavoring are not required. 

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