The Amazing Benefits of Fulvic and Humic


In a nutshell... 

Fulvic/Humic extracts are a concentrated blend of all the minerals and trace elements found in an immense array of ionic plants. Fulvic/Humic balances and energizes all cell life and biological properties it comes into contact with, assists with the neutralization of free radicals, and supports normal cell function.

When consumed, Humic/Fulvic absorbs high levels of all the living nutrients it comes in contact with; which both increases the speed of biochemical reactions in the body, as well as making those reactions more efficient and effective. When fulvic and/or humic is present in the body, it "complexes and dissolves" nutrients (from both food and supplements) into the simplest ionic form, ready to be utilized by the body. Nutrients are absorbed at a higher rate by the fulvic/humic electrolyte, and become bio-chemically reactive and mobile.

Fulvic and humic essentially prepare nutrients to inter-react with each other and extends the time those same nutrients are available to cells. In simple terms, fulvic/humic supercharges nutrients and changes them to a form that makes them ready to be fully absorbed by living cells.

Since fulvic/humic easily passes through cell membranes, it transports these dissolved nutrients right into the cells. It can transport many times its own weight (up to 60x) in dissolved nutrients and elements, allowing a greater volume of nutrients to go to work in cells. It conditions cell membranes and makes them permeable so nutrients can more easily enter the cell. This permeability also allows toxic waste to leave the cells more readily. Fulvic/Humic assists all healthy cell function. Healthy cells are the foundation of vibrant well-being.

Because of all the reactions Fulvic/Humic enable, the benefits are extensive: 

  • Provides cell protection from free radicals
  • Replenishes key electrolytes
  • Transports up to 60x its own weight in nutrients directly into cells
  • Helps enhance the body's ability to detoxify and remove harmful compounds
  • Enhances cellular energy
  • Promotes restful sleep
  • Provides cognitive support
  • Helps support healthy immune function
  • Alkalizing minerals assist proper pH and healthy oxygenation levels
  • Supports already normal glucose metabolism and overall metabolic health
  • Boosts enzyme activity and extends the time nutrients remain active in the body
  • Decreases food cravings linked to mineral deficiency
  • Supports healthy hormone balance
  • Supports normal cell function



Improve gut health with humic

Humic minerals bind in the gut to move food through the intestines, and pull out fecal blockage, spent pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food additives, chlorine, and other toxic matter.  It is literally Mother Nature's healthy roto-rooter.

The beauty of Humic is that all the while it is detoxifying and cleaning, it is performing healing tasks throughout the system.  It is excellent for keeping immune response in check, and its polysaccharide content makes it a phenomenal pre-biotic by supporting good bacteria, enhancing enzyme production, boosting immune function, providing hormone support, and giving strength to cell membranes.  Pre-biotics are what feed pro-biotics

Improved hydration

Advanced cell permeability also enhances hydration of cells.  When fulvic is present water is able to enter cells at an above normal rate.  Better cell hydration has far reaching benefits;  increased blood volume oxygenates cells,  hydrated cells improve muscle contraction and better lubrication of joints, it promotes supple and more elastic skin,  and bolsters proper kidney function for toxin removal.  Better hydration helps water to bind with fiber in the large intestine to "keep things moving" properly.   Even moods and emotional well being are improved with better hydration.

Fulvic / Humic works whether you're healthy or not

Absorption and utilization of fulvic/humic once it is consumed is not dependent on a particular healthy state of digestion, alkalinity, or oxygenation. It can’t be damaged, restricted, or its benefits minimized by any unhealthy condition within the body. It is immediately and fully utilized, with its significant effects enhancing every system of the body.

Fulvic/Humic is so complex, that, although there have been many attempts, it has never been successfully recreated in any laboratory. This ionic substance is the essence of nature’s synergy. Extracting and bottling Fulvic/Humic is fundamentally a powerful way of concentrating the healthful vitality contained within life-giving, pure organic food.

What about heavy metals 

Fulvic / Humic is scientifically classified as "Vegetal bio-mass minerals" and does not contain any heavy metals. Since every single mineral within fulvic/humic comes from plants, the body readily recognizes them and immediately assimilates them; the same as it would assimilate the various minerals found in broccoli, lettuce, or fruit for example. 

Being ionic, plant based minerals are fully utilized by the body. Metallic and clay based minerals are in a form that the body may not fully assimilate which may cause the rejected "mineral residue" to be stored in fatty tissue as a toxin. This is the concern that is most common to the public and is based on information that does not distinguish between a plant based and a metallic/clay based mineral form. There have been no known adverse affects of mineral toxicity from fruits and vegetables, even though they all contain a wide variety of minerals that are erroneously thought to be dangerous.

Ionic minerals set in motion a variety of chemical reactions which allow vitamins and other essential nutrients to fuel our bodies. Without the proper form of mineral, these reactions are unable to take place, making it unlikely your body will absorb and use the vitamins it needs. 

Not All Fulvic Products On The Market Are Alike - Harsh Processing Kills Fulvic

Whether fulvic survives the processing all depends on how it's handled...

How fulvic is handled during the extraction process is crucial. At specific stages in the extraction, fulvic can be fragile and easily damaged. Some manufacturers use harsh, toxic chemicals to rush the process so they can turn out more product in less time. Unfortunately, this destroys the precious fulvic; the very ingredient they should be seeking to extract. Not only are you absorbing unhealthy chemical residues, but the product itself has none of the oxygenating, alkalizing benefits that an alkaline product such as our Fulvic and Humic products have. 

Some products tout a high mineral concentration which is misleading to consumers. This is because they have chemically extracted high levels of isolated minerals but have killed the fulvic in the process.  This type of harsh extraction produces a mineral product with unhealthy acidity levels reaching as low as 2.0 pH, plus you are consuming the chemical residue.

(As a side note, chemical processing is old technology left over from the 50’s. In fact, this chemical type processing is exactly how the name fulvic “acid” came about. The end product is highly acidic).


Vital Earth's Gentle Extraction Method

At the end of a very lengthy, proprietary extraction procedure, using nothing but cold, double reverse osmosis, non-chlorinated, magnetically purified water, 80% of the nutrients from the original humic source, which includes a high concentration of fulvic, become suspended in solution in a large vat.

This "suspended" mineral-rich fulvic solution is then siphoned off the top of the vat. It then continues through another series of filtering stages, further isolating the fulvic through each stage. Finally, the finished fulvic is at last bottled in its purest form. What customers are getting is “100% fulvic in solution," carefully extracted from the rich humic source material.

The dregs in the bottom of the vat still contain a few nutrients. Because this is fantastic for plants, we give ours to farmers to put on their fields. Unfortunately, some manufacturers sell this byproduct to consumers, or use it over and over to create multiple batches.... kind of like selling someone a used tea bag.   All the most valuable nutrients have already been extracted in the first batch.

The reason our Fulvic is so beneficial is our proprietary extraction method.   We do everything possible during the extraction process to preserve the precious Fulvic because that is the ingredient that brings our customers such amazing health benefits.  Also, we are one of the few mineral manufacturers to offer a 100% fulvic product.  Our proprietary method of extracting only the Fulvic out of the Humic source material is unique in the market.

Modern Farming Destroys Fulvic

Gone are the Minerals

pesticides.jpgLargely, modern commercial agriculture has one goal – to produce an abundance of attractive, large, saleable products. Since the farmer is paid by the bushel, yield is more important than nutritional content.

To control the plant diseases which are a by-product of sick soil and forced yield, excessive amounts of synthetic nitrate fertilizers are applied to the soil … a practice that stunts and destroys the vital microorganisms that are essential in creating the fulvic that converts the metallic minerals within soil into plant nutrients.  (Without this conversion plants cannot uptake inorganic metallic minerals into their root system and therefore become mineral deficient plants).

To explain further...  ...There is a microbial process that happens in soil that is absolutely essential for the conversion from metallic to ionic minerals.  Minerals have to be in this ionic form for plants to absorb them, and this conversion is facilitated by Fulvic.  

When Fulvic microbes are depleted from the soil, this complex, essential, and natural process is derailed, creating a serious deficiency in both vitamins and minerals in the produce we're eating.  

Here's the problem:

  1. Ideally, plants should contain a healthy amount of both vitamins and minerals
  2. Plants manufacture vitamins themselves, but their minerals must be absorbed from the soil
  3. To perform the vitamin manufacturing process plants require minerals
  4. Our soils are mineral defiient, as well as lacking fulvic/humic due to  the use of chemical fertilizers
  5. So, if plants are unable to absorb adequate minerals from the soil, then they do a poor job of creating vitamins
  6. The end result is fruits and vegetables that are lower in nutritional value that any other time in history

Until growers realize the importance of preserving natural balance in their farming methods, supplementation remains the best option for getting the nutrients you need.

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