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KETO - Questions & Answers


Why do I need more minerals on a ketogenic diet?

When you eat a ketogenic diet your body gets rid of your excess water retention and when the water from your body is leaving the body it also takes sodium with it. Your kidneys try to offset some of the sodium loss by dumping potassium from the kidneys to retain the sodium.

Sodium and potassium are both very critical for the ketogenic diet. Magnesium and calcium are also needed to support overall mineral balance in the body. Carbohydrate restriction on a ketogenic diet does not allow for the ideal 8 - 10 cups of vegetables a day, this cuts down on the amount of minerals you consume from your diet. All these factors contribute to a need for additional mineral supplementation.

What minerals or vitamins should I take on a ketogenic diet?

It is very important that you cover all of your vitamins and minerals because of this carbohydrate restrictive diet.

Vital Earth product recommendation:

Cal-Mag Liquid is a must because of ketogenic calcium and magnesium loss
Super Multi will supply vitamins that are not a being obtained through the diet.
Humic Minerals supply the trace minerals missing from your diet, and simultaneously being expelled through elimination

It's important to realize that the minerals in Super Multi serve to maximize the vitamin absorption, but don't deliver a full daily dose of minerals. To provide a sufficient daily dose of minerals, Vital Earth has 2 minerals products that support a Keto diet; Humic Minerals and Super Strength Humic Minerals, which are both highly absorbable, and processed gently with nothing but purified water.

Humic Minerals are regular strength, while Super Strength Minerals supply the body with a larger mineral load and would be appropriate for anyone with health challenges. If you have good health and want a good maintenance mineral then Mineral Blend Fulvic-Humic is a good economical and convenient choice.

All Vital Earth's minerals are from a fresh water source making them molecularly smaller than other minerals, which allows them to easily enter cells and go to work. These combined benefits are significantly more beneficial than many minerals found on the shelves today.

All Vital Earth's liquid mineral formulas will enhance the function of Cal-Mag Liquid and Super Multi Liquid Vitamins within the body, and will also help increase absorption of all the components in the formulas, as well as other supplements being taken.

Will minerals help stop my hair loss and my nails from cracking?

Minerals are a very important part of healthy collagen levels. Minerals have an affinity for all collagen receptors which means nails, hair, skin, bones and joints are all supported when minerals are present. Minerals are a part of the complex process of creating healthy collagen. If you have not tried trace minerals for your hair loss problems you will be pleasantly surprised at the results.

And remember, that everything that can be observed on the surface of the body, meaning problem hair, skin and nails, are a symptom of nutrient deficiencies on a deeper and more intense level inside the body. These outward symptoms supply the keys to discovering nutrient deficiencies and should not be overlooked.

Do your vitamins and minerals have any sugar in them?

There is no sugar in any of our formulas. All products are low-glycemic with minimal carbohydrates.

  • None of Vital Earth's mineral formulas are sweetened or flavored because of our gentle extraction process (there's no bitter aftertase to cover up)
  • Cal-Mag Liquid: sweetened with stevia
  • Super Multi Liquid Vitamins: sweetened with xylitol and stevia
  • Vital Joint Support: sweetened with xylitol and stevia

Do your vitamins and minerals taste bad?

Vital Earth's minerals are very mild tasting, and the formulated liquids are all delicious! Cal-Mag, Super Multi and Vital Joint Support all have a delicious passion fruit tangerine flavor; derived from natural fruit extracts. They taste so good that even kids love them!

Vital Earth's minerals are processed gently with nothing but purified water. Fulvic has almost no taste at all, and the Humic Minerals get slightly more earthy tasting as the potency increases from regular strength, to super strength. The taste can range from a weak herbal tea to the more earthy taste of Super Strength Humic Minerals. For the best taste, we recommend diluting Super Strength Minerals in some water. (Dilution does not diminish the effectiveness).

How do minerals help my health?

Minerals are in charge of just about every biochemical reaction in the body. All of your enzyme processes are supported by minerals and without them your digestion, detoxification and brainpower, to name a few, are compromised. Your muscles depend on minerals to contract and relax correctly, including healthy heart rhythm. And minerals bond to collagen fibers to aid in repair of damaged tendons and bones; that's why people with injuries experience such dramatic results.

When the enzyme and detoxification systems are supported with minerals, the body is able to maintain homeostasis, (internal physiological stability), enabling normal balanced microbiome and hormones.

What minerals do I need for muscle cramps?

Most of the time muscle cramps are a sign of magnesium imbalance. Our Cal-Mag Liquid would be a great option because calcium and magnesium work synergistically for optimal absorption. Also make sure that you are getting enough potassium and sodium. Avocados with natural sea-salt (celtic salt) are a great combo for both those minerals.

What can I do for constipation?

When the smooth muscles in the colon are not able to properly contract and relax (peristalsis), due to mineral deficiency and poor gut health, constipation is often times the result. Vital Earth's Cal-Mag, liquid along with Super Strength Humic, provide a great combination for supporting healthy elimination.

Cal-Mag Liquid supplies Calcium and Magnesium that supports muscle relaxation and contraction. Super Strength Humic provides a powerful dose of pre-biotic trace minerals that go to work in the gut balancing the GI tract for optimal health and normal digestive function. Both products encourage healthy muscle and nerve function.

If I eat organic do I need to take mineral supplements?

Studies show that today's mineral levels are inadequate in our food, soils and water. In addition, the busy and stressful lives we lead further deplete the minerals from our body. When we experience stress, or become emotionally upset or angry, minerals are pulled from cells in an attempt to fortify blood plasma and return the body to a normal balanced state. Unfortunately those minerals don't simply return to the cells when the stress is gone; they are flushed from the body in urine. . . and are gone forever.

Organic food does have a better chance of being more mineral-dense, but even the soils that organic foods are grown in have been in bad shape for a long time. As far back as 1936, the US government recognized this deficiency, stating in U.S. Senate Document 74 - 264: "The alarming fact is that foods - fruits, vegetables and grains - now being raised on millions of acres of land that no longer contain enough of certain needed nutrients are starving us - no matter how much we eat of them".

When considering the sorry state of our soils, and the amount of chemicals and toxins we're exposed to in daily life, eating organic isn't enough to assure good health.

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