Ionic Mineral Products


  • Mineral Blend

    Mineral Blend

    32 oz. Liquid - 30 Day Supply  Mild Natural Taste Mineral Blend offers unsurpassed support for natural levels of energy, cellular protection and rejuvenation.  You’re getting all the powerful benefits of Fulvic, plus the peak performance...
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  • Fulvic Minerals

    Fulvic Minerals

    32 oz. Liquid - 30 Day Supply100% Fulvic in solution - and nothing else!Clear golden color; tasteless BENEFITS OF FULVIC   Clear golden color; tasteless Supports normal cell function and cellular energy production Provides antioxidant support...
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  • Super Strength Humic Minerals

    Super Strength Humic Minerals

    32 oz. Liquid - 30 Day Supply  Strong Earthy Taste - Dilute in Water for Best Taste Therapeutic Strength / rich dark color (Tastes like herbal tea when the dosage is diluted in water) High potency humic minerals from an ionic whole food based...
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  • Humic Minerals

    Humic Minerals

    32 oz. Liquid - 30 Day Supply Mild Earthy Taste When Diluted in Water Benefits of Humic Superior polysaccharide pre-biotic* Effective for normal daily regularity and digestion* Advanced support for healthy microbiome* Supports normal strong immune...
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  • Humic Mineral Caps

    Humic Mineral Caps

    120 capsules - 30 Day Supply Our highest potency whole food based Humic minerals, in a convenient capsule form; 600 mg. Benefits of Humic Promotes cell protection and enhances cellular energy and function Assists proper body pH to assist healthy blood...
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  • Super Strength Humic Concentrate-2oz

    Super Strength Humic Concentrate-2oz

    2 oz. Liquid - 20 Day Supply Concentrated humic minerals for cellular strength and electrochemical balance BENEFITS  OF SUPER STRENGTH HUMIC CONCENTRATE Significant for healthy bowels and elimination Promotes digestive well-being* Advanced support...
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  • Sleep 4oz

    Sleep 4oz

    SPECIAL!  Buy a 4oz. SLEEP and get a 2 oz. Super Strength Humic Concentrate FREE   Sound restful sleep...naturally! 4 oz. Liquid - 40 Day Supply Wake feeling refreshed and restored100% whole food plant based ionic humic concentrate Calms...
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  • Energy and Focus Concentrate-4oz

    Energy and Focus Concentrate-4oz

    4 oz. Liquid - 40 Day Supply Boost, replenish and restore energy and focus naturally! A clean energy solution.  No crashing, no jitters! Energy & Focus is a cellular powerhouse making it highly effective for supporting vibrant natural energy...
  • Fulvic Concentrate-2oz.

    Fulvic Concentrate-2oz.

    2 oz. Liquid - 20 Day Supply Maintains the body's metabolic and healing functions, supports normal energy and focus 100% Fulvic in solution - and nothing else! Alkaline pH of between 7.0 and 7.8 Clear golden color; tasteless Approx. 68 to 74...