Does Fulvic cause Kidney/Organ damage?

After looking at the literature of competitor products, customers sometimes ask whether our products can cause organ or kidney damage, or damage to any bodily system. The answer is NO! Fulvic and Humic processed without chemicals have been proven to be safe and beneficial to all systems of the body, are non-toxic to internal organs, and are highly advantageous to all cleansing and purifying functions within the body. Any competitor making this claim is misinformed or unfamiliar with naturally processed humic and fulvic. 

Humic is the original plant material our minerals are extracted from. It is known by many names: Humic, Humate, humin, Lignite, and Loenardite; it has characteristics similar to Shilajit.

Manufacturing shortcuts that utilize harsh chemicals, high heat and pressure in the processing of Humic/Lignite products, continue to be the only real negative in the consumption of this vitally important substance. Humic and Fulvic can be damaged or killed entirely with unnecessarily harsh processing, giving the final product only minimal benefits, while exposing consumers to unhealthy chemical residues.

Vital Earth's proprietary extraction process:

The extraction process used by Vital Earth Minerals is difficult and lengthy, involving a minimum of 20 to 30 days per batch, using nothing but cool, purified water. Very few manufacturers are willing, or capable of undergoing this drawn-out, complicated filtering process, which is why harsh chemicals, high heat and pressure extrusion are used by others; it takes a lot of time to extract Humic and fulvic in a non-destructive way.

Vital Earth's proprietary process preserves and protects the precious humic and fulvic at every stage. We have not added any vile tasting chemicals, so flavoring is unnecessary. We like to say “completely natural from the Earth to the bottle”.

In the spirit of full disclosure, it must be noted that Humate/Lignite sources within the US are limited in number and are regional. Although the supply is absolutely abundant, Humic/Lignite is only located in a few isolated places in the US. Because of this limited regional availability, many manufacturers are getting their Humate from the very same source. So you can see, what sets products apart, and the truly important key as to whether the product will be beneficial is what has happened in the processing...

If a manufacturer's Lignite, humic or fulvic has gone through any process other than filtering with cool water, or is flavored or sweetened (generally to hide the taste of chemicals), it is advisable to get more in-depth information about the reason for this.

What is Humic?

Humic can be thought of as being similar to a giant compost of organic plant matter. This concentrated plant material is the result of microbial biodegration of organic matter. Humic/Lignite is very complex, and contains a mixture of substances that are one of the least understood aspects of humic chemistry.

All attempts to re-create Humic and Lignite in a laboratory setting have failed. This substance was created by nature and thus remains as something that can only be obtained from nature; offering indispensable health benefits not possible from man-made substances.