Expiration Date of Products

Manufactured date versus expiration date

Effective January, 2014: Vital Earth's lab is now stamping our bottles with a Manufactured Date instead of the previous Expiration Date, in order to keep us in compliance with a new GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) regulation.

Our lab stays in strict compliance with all GMP regulations, which is a good thing for customers. They can be assured that all Vital Earth products meet or exceed label claims, that the entire lab environment and equipment is sterile, that multiple systems and cross checks are in place to guarantee quality, stability, and much, much more.

Not all labs are so strictly self-regulated, which is one reason expiration dates are still appearing on some supplement products in the marketplace.

Expiration Dates - more appropriate for pharmaceuticals

In reality, the old system of Expiration Dates is more appropriate for drugs that become more toxic at a certain age, or products that are susceptible to a high level of bacterial growth, such as highly processed foods, meat and dairy.

Expiration Dates on supplements do not disclose to the consumer exactly when the product was manufactured. Under the old system, unprincipled manufacturers could store aging pills and capsules for extended periods, then bottle and date them according to the dates they are labeled (not manufactured).

Manufactured Date

One clear advantage in using the Manufactured Date is that consumers know exactly how fresh a product is. Manufactured Date is a more realistic system for Vital Earth supplements, as they actually have double the shelf life than the previous 18 month time frame we were forced to use due to governmental regulation.

As with most supplement products, the 18 month Expiration Date system falsely led consumers to believe that the product would spoil on a certain date. For Vital Earth's products this is not the case. After a time, our natural ingredients may change color a little or lose a little flavor, but they do not turn toxic or become ineffective on a certain date like pharmaceuticals do.

We can tell you that our multiple ingredient products are formulated to retain their full potency for 3 years, and our mineral products have at least a 15 year shelf life (after all they come from ancient plant matter) ... but we are not allowed to put that information on the label at this time.

So we hope you can view this change as a positive feature of our product line, giving you more accurate information about the freshness of our products.

As always, our products continue to meet and exceed the most stringent quality standards.

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