Fulvic Mineral Mist

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Product Overview

Replenishes and rejuvenates skin's youthful radiance

Rejuvenating dermal boost designed to renew and restore skin and hair

  • Locks in moisture to support skin firmness, tone, elasticity
  • Living Fulvic Minerals remain active for deep penetration into skin cells
  • Effective for skin irritations, cuts, abrasions, and minor burns
  • Alkaline pH of 7.0 to 7.8
  • Delivers anti-oxidant support at deeper levels due to Fulvic’s small molecular size
  • Extracted from 100% fresh water plant material

What your skin craves!

Mineral Mist delivers anti-oxidant support at deeper levels due to its small molecular size. This highly absorbable light mist spray improves moisture retention, brightens skin tone and promotes your skin's natural renewal cycle.

The Fulvic Mineral content balances normal inflammation response, and helps relieve the appearance of blotchy pigmented skin. Cellular renewal assists with skin irritations, as well as maintaining normal pore size.  Fulvic contains the minerals needed to support normal collagen production naturally and assists production of new cells for long-term skin rejuvenation.  Mineral Mist is packed with nourishing micro-filtered Fulvic Minerals and nothing else.

Gently processed without heat, pressure extrusion, or chemicals of any kind

NO: GMO’s, parabens, synthetic colors, fragrances, phthalates, BPA, sodium lauryl sulfate, polyethylene glycols, formaldehyde, mineral oil, hydrogenated oil, animal byproducts


Directions: Spray on clean skin and hair twice daily, or anytime you want a refreshing boost. Safe for all external use.

Beneficial for skin irritations, minor burns, cuts and abrasions.

Ingredients: 100% pure Fulvic: Contains over 70 naturally occurring fulvic plant based bio-mass minerals in an unaltered ionic solution: unformulated and in the ratios naturally presented within the original humate/lignite plant material. Sourced from the high mountains of New Mexico.

Other Ingredients: Purified Reverse Osmosis De-Ionized Carbon Filtered Water




(No reviews yet) Write a Review